08 February, 2015

One Last Push

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of small plant behind a green hedge manages to grow taller than it despite not being able to receive enough sunlight.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I went out for a photo walk after a very long time today. I was just not in the right mood to click photos and I had a disconnect with my sub-conscious mind lately. My conscious-mind on the other hand remains preoccupied by constant confusion and questions about reality such as, Whether reality exists? or is Life merely an illusion?. When you wake up in the morning, do you actually wake up? or you wake up within a dream and go back to sleep each day within that one very long dream?. Maybe, you have never woken up and What happens when you actually wake-up? Amidst all this confusion, today I finally decided to go out for a photo walk to refresh myself. I went in the vicinity of the famous Jantar Mantar. I have the knack of spotting Minimalist Subjects especially where the continuity is broken by a subtle change. In the above image, what I initially spotted was two colored lines (i.e the red wall and the green hedge) going from right to left. Then a sudden and subtle change in form and the plant appeared right above the green line. Spotting such subjects is not easy and doesn't happen in your initial shots. It generally takes about 10-15 shots for you to get into the flow and in a better state of connectivity with your sub-conscious mind. Mind you, always go alone to shoot or else you will keep shooting from your conscious mind.


I sat low on the ground and placed the plant on the top left corner of the frame, leaving some empty space on the right.  Note, there are actually three lines here, the third being created by the overexposed sunlit wall. The message here is, that when even a small plant can grow and prosper in a crowded and challenging environment, despite not receiving sufficient sunlight, even you can make it big in whatever domain you passionately work despite all the hardships. All that you have to do is to stick with what you are doing for an "Extended period of time" without getting disheartened. Nature eventually rewards but only those people who do not give up and loose the spirit. Maybe you think you are tired and exhausted and cannot work hard anymore but who knows, all that you need is that "One Last Push" and you will be on the right side of things, with you head held high just like that plant.