02 February, 2015

Be on Top

Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors

A minimalist photo of Red wall against the blue sky.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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We all want to be on top, be in the drivers seat and excel in whatever domain we are working in. We all have those leadership quality built-in by default. But, only some of us are able to achieve what we strive for. It is not that we don't work hard enough, we all do, but only some get lucky. That desire to be on top is well expressed here. The red wall signifies aggression and blue (generally related to oceans or water which covers a majority of the earth's surface.) here is used to portray the desire to capture or have it all. The subtle curve that goes to the right indicates the hurdles that come in the way. I strongly believe that every Minimalist Photo speaks and can be analyzed to gain insights into both a) our own sub-conscious mind and b) the messages hidden in nature. To compose, I placed the curve on the right and kept it small. Red was emphasized but not overemphasized.

Shooting Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors is not that easy. You always have to spot the intersection points or meeting points of different colors. Here there are 4 colors that meet at a point somewhere on the right hand side of the frame. The distinctive colors being, Red, Blue, Black and Brown.