23 February, 2015

A call from the Unknown

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist Photo of Entrance Stairs of Hawa Mahal Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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A Minimalist Photo of the Entrance Stairs of Hawa Mahal Jaipur, one of the best tourist attractions of the city.

When you are out for a walk alone, sometimes you get lost in thoughts and become blank after a few minutes. And then there is a sudden connect with the unknown. You feel as if someone is calling you. Not by your name but through an unspoken language, probably through the vibes. You get confused and for a moment you think you are either dreaming or have lost touch with reality. On the other hand you feel,  this is where I belong. In the state of nothingness, in this disconnect with the real (unreal) world. For a moment you don't feel your body, you forget about your identity and your surroundings. You feel as if you are the light, the energy, or one of those invisible particles that binds "space" together.  This experience, is what I call as "A Call from the Unknown". I have had many such experiences, but till date I am clueless as to why they happen. If you have had any such experiences please do share them in the comments. In the image above, I have used a disappearing staircase, which aptly represents The Unknown. As whenever you see such a staircase you feel as if its calling you. It wants to take you somewhere. A place where you came from, a place where you truly belong.


The photo falls under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry category. To begin with, I moved to my left, went down on my knees and took a few shots from a very low angle. I re-framed and made sure that I clipped the staircase nicely, so as to make it disappear in the frame. Bending down on my knees was quite an exercise. I am a lazy photographer so that was probably equal to a week's exercise in the gym. The shadows were of great help. Those 4 little right angled triangles that you see on edge of the steps came from that and of course the vertical lines got highlighted as bold characters.

2nd Shot of the same subject 

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