15 February, 2015

Knot in a Relationship

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of A Knot formed by a clothesline.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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"At times you stumble upon people in life with whom you should ideally not tie the knot of a relationship with. But a wandering heart never listens.". You find that are the odd one out in your family. You are the complete opposite and you feel that nobody can ever understand you. And then you stumble upon a person who respects you for what you are, for what you say, for your views on life. He/she supports you and instills confidence in you. Suddenly you have a reason to smile, a reason to live, but you realize that maybe you cannot enter into a relationship with that person as it might be socially unacceptable for whatever reasons. But you eventually fall for him/her. You tie the Knot. To compose, I went really close to the subject, as the backdrop was not well lit and to properly expose the subject. I wanted to emphasize on the knot and therefore I kept the background out of focus by using a lower f-stop.

In Minimalism, I personally like to keep everything in focus, and for me a shallow depth of field is "cliche". But this shot is an exception. My general advice to all those new to minimalism is to use f-stops such as f/7 or f/8 and always try and click shots where everything is in focus, especially when shooting geometry.

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