05 February, 2015

Partially Open

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of the Shadow of a Gate partially open
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Sometimes in life we are presented with opportunities that confuse us. We are unable to make a choice, as when we weigh the pros and cons of such an opportunity they are roughly the same or 50-50. The above image represents such a situation. The gate (or the opportunity) is only partially open, making it difficult for us to make a choice either way. I shot this when I went to the St Xavier's College photo exhibition with a few friends of mine. As a Minimalist I have made it a rule, rather it is a habit now, to always have a careful look at entrance gates of the places I go to. They are always fantastic Minimalist Subjects. You will find a lot of artwork and unique geometry in them. The one that I found was maroon in color, with a contrasting yellow/dark orange sort of a back-drop along with some strong shadows. Cant get any better, or can it?

I have shot gates before and this time to make the shot stand out I chose this unique angle. To begin with, I cut the gate into a small triangular shape by going down on my knees and then I used the colored wall's intersection point with the pale ground, as a line going out of the frame. The line created by the shadow of the gate acted as a split between the outward going line and the small line created by the triangular gate structure, resulting in a triple split.

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