04 March, 2015

Rectangles and Shadows

Minimalism as Less Elements

A black and white/ monochrome minimalist photograph of Side Wall of an under construction building
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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A  Minimalist Photo of the Side Wall of a building under construction, containing rectangles formed by deep shadows.

Black and White Minimalist Photography is usually more appealing to the eye and today I decided to post one such photo from my collection. I generally write mini-tutorials with my photos but in this post I shall explain a bit more. Minimalist / Simple photos are generally good to look at but very hard to compose. To click a photo like the one I have posted, here is a quick step-by-step how-to instruction.

Pick up a good zoom lens and head straight into an area where there is construction of buildings going on. Then find out that side of the building which is well lit by the slanting rays of the evening sun. Zoom-in and look for some elongated shadows (to add the art effect) supported by some simple geometry.

Next, add some negative space between the subjects and make it look like a long distance relationship. Then log into a photo editing software, press the de-saturate button, add some sharpness, adjust some levels and you are done. It is always better to have clear and well defined geometry in your Minimalist shots. Here, I have used rectangles and you may use squares or lines or maybe circles. if you are lucky enough you will find them.

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