20 March, 2015

Geometry in the Sky

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A minimalist photo of Sky high geometric lines at Jaleb Chowk Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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While I was standing near this heritage structure at Jaleb Chowk Jaipur, a local policeman approached me and asked me what was I clicking? He looked very confused as I was pointing the camera at strange places in the sky and at blank walls. He looked at me with suspicion and I quickly read his name written on the small piece of name plate clipped to his shirt. It read "Ram Kumar Yadav". I told him Yadav ji, don't worry I am not from the media. I told him so, as I thought that his fear was that I am probably from the media and I would make a report as to how dirty the place was with garbage lying here and there. To my surprise his reply was "Even if you were from the media, you could do nothing, as we are policemen." I realized, this man was not in the right mood and it was time to lighten up the discussion and move ahead. So, I changed the topic to tourism and asked him what is the government's plan for the upcoming Night Tourism in the city. While talking, I cracked a little joke in between and moved on. I narrated this incident because, as a photographer you should know how to handle little incidents like this, you should know how to lighten up things. If you get into an argument with someone on the street, you shall not remain in a good mood anymore to click. Especially if you are minimalist, you will quickly lose the connect with your sub-conscious mind and wont be able to spot Minimalist Subjects.

Coming back to the Composition, I wanted to show lines here, using just two colors i.e yellow and blue in the frame. The challenge was to keep everything in focus. I used an f stop of F/11 and focused on the black triangle on the left, thereby leaving everything behind also be in focus. The wall on the right wasn't that sharp and to do away with that little blur I added some bit of sharpness to it using a photo editing software.

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