17 March, 2015

Home Loan

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of White scratch and shadow of a Hut shaped home on a red wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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It is the dream of every man/woman who lives on rent, to have his/her own house one day. Houses are usually very expensive to buy and it generally takes up the savings of an entire lifetime. The dream home here is represented by the hut-like shadow of an electric meter installation, while the white scratch is used to signify the burden of the big monthly installments of the long tenured home loan one takes. The color of the scratch being white represents spending for a good cause i.e for a house and not for luxury. OK, so that was one of the interpretations of the photo, you may interpret it differently and that is the fun part about artistic photography.


Coming back to the composition. This photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category. The white scratch caught my attention and I began thinking about how to compose my shot. I had two options a) to treat the white scratch as my primary subject, place it top left and let the shadow fall accordingly in the frame or b. Treat the shadow of the electric meter as my primary subject and adjust the position of the scratch by feet or hand movement. I chose option b, as in option a the problem was that I had to include the ground, and that wasn't looking attractive. Also It was very bright and sunny, so right exposure was a challenge and I already knew that shooting "red" as a color is very very tough. Therefore to be at a safer side, I chose exposure bracketing settings on my camera and shot in the RAW + JPEG format. Hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes action. You can subscribe via email to never miss a post. Have a great day/evening.


  1. Here I can see two images: a red face with oone eye or shadow of a roof. Lovely !!

    1. That is an interesting interpretation I must say.

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