13 March, 2015

Mysterious Staircase

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Black and white Minimalist Photo of a Mysterious Staircase and Black Curvy Door at Jantar Mantar Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

I have posted many photos of Jantar Mantar before and I must have been there to shoot Minimalist Photos for about 8-10 times already. But the place is so filled with geometry that whenever I go there I am able to find newer shots. This one below was a result of me being lazy and for I was carrying a zoom lens. It was hot and sunny and I thought rather than going close towards the staircase to shoot, let me try the shot from distance for a change. Distance is an important aspect in minimalism. It makes your subject look small and Minimalistic and that is ideal. You can also shoot at 18mm with your regular kit lens to achieve similar results. As for me, I was zoomed in as usual with my 55-250mm zoom lens.

Now coming back to the shot, since I was far away from my subject I could include an extra element in my frame i.e the black door. The curved arcs of the door juxtaposed nicely with the straight lines of the staircase. Such a contrast brought in the much needed Art Effect. A quick reminder, make sure you make your staircases disappear towards the end to add mystery. I turned this into monochrome as architectural shots in black and white exposes the geometry and shapes well. Color generally distracts the eye.  Do share links of your black and white Minimalistic shots in comments.

Happy Clicking.


  1. I could watch this a very long time, this is so fantastic image.

  2. Extremely good - poignant. Stark but not austere. Very moving.
    Only critique I have is to print one without the black door, and let Tue steps, and walls, speak for themselves.
    However, one of the best photo art I have seen in a while. -tk (ambode33)