14 June, 2018

Flying Crow Vs Street Lamp

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Bird Flying across a Street Lamp near Albert Hall Museum Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is a Look-Up / Looking-Up Minimal Shot of a Bird Flying across a Street Lamp near Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur. 

This is the third shot from the same spot/location/set-up. 

An earlier shot that was posted in the blog-post The Black Crow, had a similar setup but a different editing style.

I have mentioned in my earlier post that its not that difficult getting bird in your picture intentionally. 

As you can see in the earlier photograph The Black Crow, this crow is the same as the Crow that you see sitting on top of the street lamp.

This was Shot one frame earlier, while the Crow was still Mid-air, trying to make its journey to the lamp.

Minimalism Category 

I mostly categorize such photos under the Minimalism as Less Elements category which is quite apparently visible here as to why I did so. 

This photograph took a lot of editing to be frank and the key here was the right amount and style of cropping, or else I would have spoiled the picture. 

I also corrected a small tilt in the photograph which I identified by the tilted lamp pole (not any longer visible). 

Also, since I already posted two shots from the same place, it was a tough call to post another one here, as I try to post different shots every post. 

But, since I love Street Lamps and Birds, so I posted this and do not feel guilty for doing so :)

Have you clicked any similar shots?

If so, do share them with me !

Thanks and Regards

Prakash Ghai

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