25 January, 2018

Towel Drying On a Clothesline In India

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photograph of a Towel Drying On A Clothesline In India on a Yellow Wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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What we have here is a Minimalist Photograph of a Towel Drying On A Clothesline in India on a Yellow Wall.

This was shot at Chandpole Bazaar Jaipur. 

I took prior permission from the Shopkeeper before clicking this.

I never showed him what I clicked by the way. And there is a good reason for it.

Well, If I would have showed him that I was shooting just the walls and not photos of his hardware shop (which he presumed would be published in the next day's newspaper, as I look like a news agency hired photographer), he would have probably not allowed me to shoot, thinking that something is wrong with me. 

I mean who takes pictures of walls? Yes, some people react this way.

Anyways, Talks aside, I kept it very simple yet again.

I left ample negative space to the left of the frame. 

The Yellow Wall is the Highlight here of course.

Also Note: The Colorful Towels contrasts so nicely with the single colored wall. 

Hope you liked the shot.

Thank You.