16 January, 2018

Street Lamp and Metal Fence - Black and White Minimalism

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Black and White Minimalist Photo of a Street Lamp as seen through an Iron Spade Shapes Broken Metal Fence.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This Street Lamp and Metal Fence Photograph falls under Minimalism / Minimalist Photography as Less Elements

The Only elements here being a) The Street Lamp and b) The Metal Fence.

Yes, I have kept it real simple. 

To make the Photo stand out , I have created a visual effect that kind of portrays that the Street Lamp is a part of the Broken Metal Fence and the fence doesn't look like its broken.

I did so by bending down on my knees and visually connecting the fence and the lamp by moving left and right.

Its a weird shot or one may call it a trick shot or something else. I clicked this while I was attending the Jaipur Art Summit. 

The creative vibes of the summit bit me hard ;) 

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