08 November, 2016

Electric Meter Surrounded by Pink

Minimalism as Less Elements

Minimalist Photo of an Electricity Meter on a Pink Wall
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

Welcome to my New Blog-post

Because I am posting more of Colorful Minimalism lately, here is another Picture that depicts pure color i.e the color Pink.

To keep the image Minimalist, I have given the Pink Color a lot of space in the frame. Also note that following the Rules of Minimalism, I have carefully chosen this particular Electric Meter as it is placed on a Simple Geometric shape or A Square. 

That property, makes the picture even more Minimal, other than the Negative space and the Less Elements aspect.

Make sure you don't end up being too close to the subject in such shots. Distance is key here. Distance will make sure that the subject looks surrounded or engulfed by the Pink Color.

Another Detail that I would like to point out in the composition is, The Curved Blue Cable going to the right and its respective shadow. Without this cable in the frame, the photograph would have lacked the punch it needed to be here in the blog post. 

Hope you enjoyed the observations. 

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