08 November, 2016

Bicycle Tyre versus the Rectangle

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist picture of the tyre of a bicycle along with a rectangular cut on a textured Indian wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

Good Evening People. This is the second blog post I am doing today. If you happen to miss the first one, here is the link to it: Electric Meter Surrounded by Pink

The Minimalist Photo of the Bicycle Tyre and Rectangle that you see above, falls under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry category of Minimalism in Photography.

The Simple Geometric Shapes being:

a) The Circular Tyre of the bicycles
b) Lines within the bicycle tyre
c) The Rectangle on the right.

Negative space in such a photograph is best left on the TOP. I have cropped the Tyre of the Bicycle to about 3/4th, you can also try to keep it 1/4th if you want and show it just as a small curve. 

Similarly, the Rectangle, can be cut into a square by lateral movement.

I had posted a Black and White version of this Photograph earlier in Example No. 5 of the Article: Train your eyes for Minimalist Photography (click to view)

Do let me know which version of the Minimalist Photograph did you like?

Black and White or Colored? or Both?

Feedback keeps me going :) in fact keeps all of us going and improving.

Thank you for spending a few minutes here. See you next time.

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  1. I do like each version but maybe I lean towards the color pic because the wall tones are so interesting for bringing out the textures.
    This blog is really wonderful. I love to read it & learn from your posts. Thanks. __pt