06 July, 2016

The Pink Curve

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of a Pink Curve on a Pink wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai 
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Curves are beautiful and they are even more attractive when accompanied by the Pink color

Pink as a color, is also closely associated with: Freshness, Youth, Love, Beauty, Femininity etc.

Curves on the other hand find extensive use in Modern Design. They play an important role today in Automobile Design, Furniture Design, Glass-wear,  Product Design etc. 

A Combination of the two is way to tempting to ignore. For example the Pink iPhone 6s. That particular color of the iPhone had way too much demand and was quick to go out of stock at India's largest e-Tailer Flipkart

Composition of the Photo

The photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category. There is only one element in the frame i.e The Pink Curve. This a look-up shot taken at a very close range via Canon 50mm F1.4 Lens. The closeness helped me eliminate any distracting elements from the frame and enabled me to achieve extremely narrowed focus on the subject and enhanced visual clarity. 

The One-tone Minimalism is one of the best kinds of Minimalism in Photography. It ends up being fairly soothing and appealing to the eye. Go find a large single colored wall, then look for geometry and shapes on it. Keep your eyes wide open. It is easy to ignore such plain simple walls
Even white walls are good and if you do not like the color, you could always convert the photo into black and white and thus add an artistic feel to it.

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  1. very soothing photograph, can I use it in my clinic?

    1. Yes, but please use it legally i.e buy buying it from the "Buy Now" link under the photo. :)