13 July, 2016

Spiral Water Ripples

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of Spiral Water Ripples in greenish water, at Jal Dhara Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

This shot was taken at Jal Dhara Water Park, Jaipur.  The only element in the photo is the Spiral Water Ripples.

The water ripples could have been taken zoomed and they could have formed a complete circular shape. But I chopped them. The decision was intentional, as this chopped version adds to the mystery of the photo and stimulates the sense of imagination of the viewer. While Editing I tweaked the contrast and levels a bit. A touch of extra sharpness and color, too was added.

The Photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category. The photo was taken by Canon 600D with the 50mm F1.4 lens.

The EXIF Data of the photo is as follows:

  • ISO speed: ISO-400
  • Exposure time: 1/80sec
  • F-stop: f/3.2
  • Exposure bias: 0 step

Hope you enjoyed the shot. Feel free to social share it. :)

Thank You for your time on the post. I send you all greetings from Jaipur, the Pink City of India.

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