03 May, 2018

Light Rays Through A Window

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Black and White Minimal Art Photo of Light Rays coming through a Window, lightning a Dark Isolated Hall of a Building in Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai I Buy Now

Sometimes it is better to take the staircase rather than the Lift in a high rise building.

I did the same while getting down from the top floor of a high rise building at M.I. Road - Jaipur.

I was at a Cafe / Bar and I had taken my camera along with me.

I was there to have a hot Cup of Coffee.

After I placed the order, I took my Camera out of my hand and started taking some pictures.

Soon enough the waiter appeared and told me the one thing that I hate hearing the most...

he said "Excuse me Sir, photography is not allowed".

I hate these words... a lot. ( I guess any photographer would).

Well, once I knew I won't be able to click pictures while having coffee, I planned to leave in the next 5 minutes.

No point wasting time on a Sunday. I could go out elsewhere. The day was still young.

I took stairs instead of the lift to get down.

Because, Stairs was a healthy option.

Also I had another objective and that was to scan the areas for any possible pictures.

The Cafe was at the 9th Floor and about half way down I Came across this large and dark isolated deserted hall.

I stopped by, for I saw some Light Rays on the floor, coming through the Open Window in the Balcony.

Aha, I had my subject right in front of me.

I got all excited but I also heard the noise of some other people coming.

The place had cameras ie cctvs installed and I did not want to bump into the security guards.

I now knew, I did not have much time to take the shot.

Therefore, I switched over to the LCD screen view of the camera, so that I could quickly adjust the exposure and other settings and compose the shot faster viewing every angle LIVE on the screen.

I took two shots and this was one of them.

As far as the Minimalism Categorization goes, This shot falls under Minimalism as Less Elements.

Not much to talk about composition here. Its pretty straight forward.

Hope you enjoyed the shot. See you soon.

Take Care. Bye

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