13 May, 2018

Metal Spiral

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Black and White Minimalist Photo of a Metal Spiral or a Fibonacci Spiral
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This Metal Spiral or Fibonacci Spiral Photograph that falls under "Minimalism as Simple Geometry" category, was clicked at Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur, during the Annual Literature Festival. 

Among-st all the Festivities, Celebrations, Celebrities, Authors and the Literature enthusiast that attend the festival, I chose to click this stuff.

Of course, because I am a Minimalist Photographer. 

Although I tried clicking a few pictures of some celebrities / authors and eminent personalities but I did not get any high after capturing them. So I always give that part a skip every year. 

Now, this Metal Spiral was a part of a Chair kept near the Front Lawn and right near the inquiry counter/ kiosk

I bent down on my knees to shoot this only to find everyone around staring at me, wondering as to what unique thing had I found in the Metal Chair that I could not find in the eminent personalities present there. 

I was on my 50mm prime lens and as always I was shooting Raw + Jpeg mode

If the Jpeg turns out to be good, which mostly does, I save a lot of time in editing. 

But if I screw the Jpeg then I have the Raw file as a backup and that requires a lot of editing.

I always end up spending more time editing the Raw file over Jpegs. 

I took about 5 shots from different angles and this photo had been lying around in my PC since January 2018. 

The thing is that I tried editing this series many a times, but I could not get the kind of result that I wanted. 

I started with colored photos and they were fully edited and were ready to publish. 

Somehow, something stopped me from publishing the colored photo. 

Last week, I opened the series of  5 shots of the same subject ie the Metal Spiral and converted one of them to Black and White. 

I got a feeling that this Spiral Shape would look better in Black and White rather than color. 

I edited two shots from the series and finalized this one. I kept the contrast a little low here and kept the photo a little dull. 

Let me know of your feedback about the photo in the comments. 

Hope to see you soon.

Bye ! Take Care