21 December, 2017

Side Rail and Arc

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photograph of the Wooden Side Rail of a Staircase at Amer Fort - Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I love shooting Staircases and Time and again I think of creating new frames out of it. 

This Side Rail And Arc Minimalist Photograph is a result of one such Experiment. 

Also, I have a thing for Staircase Side-rails but I haven't shot many of them yet.

So I thought, It would be a good idea to try and shoot them. 

What I initially saw was just the Side-Rail to be a Line or a Simple Geometric element.

The frame would have been just too vanilla if I had just shot just that.

So, I decided to include the ARC right next to where the Staircase ended.

This also helped me show the Juxtaposition between the geometric shapes, of one being just a straight line and the other one being a curved one.

This staircase is one amongst the many at Amer Fort, Jaipur.

If you happen to visit Jaipur anytime soon, make sure you visit this place. 

Its Huge and very good especially for Photography :)

Have a Great Weekend*.

*Oh Wait ! Today is only Thursday. 

Well, I Minimalized the Week - lol

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