11 December, 2017

Colorful Diagonal Lines

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist Photograph of Colorful Diagonal Lines Shot via Canon 600D and 100mm Prime Canon Macro Lens
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I am Back :) but with a Simple Geometry Minimalism photograph this time around. 

These Colorful Diagonal Lines, were spotted on a closed metal shutter of a Shop, right opposite to the famous Hawa Mahal Palace in Old Jaipur City.

I clicked this with my Canon 600 D and the 100mm Prime Macro Lens that I have.

I captured this from the side and used a shallow depth of field to create a different sort of a imagery that I usually do not produce. 

I rarely use shallow depth of field (at least as of now, lol...no by the way since the last 4 years ). 
That frequency might change in the future though. 

Hope you like this subtle change in my style.

All feedback about the Photograph is welcomed.

Have a good day !!

I have to cut it short today, as the lights just went off and my laptop might turn off pretty soon.

Bye ! See you Later !

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