18 October, 2017

Rectangle Versus Square Cut Versus Uncut

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Two Simple Geometric Windows, one being a Rectangle and the Other a Square. One of them is cut by a line while the other one not.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This Minimalist Photograph was taken right outside Hawa Mahal, Jaipur. 

(I) What prompted me to to take this shot was:

A) Two Simple Geometric Shapes aka the Windows. One being a Rectangle and the Other one being a Square.

B) The second element was Texture and the Patches on the wall.

C) Finally, the 3rd element was the Lines

(II) Why I named it Rectangle Versus Square, Cut Versus Uncut?  

Because, If you observe closely, you will find that one Line is cutting the Rectangular Window on the left as it runs through it While the Other Line does not cut across the Square on the right.

This creates the ART here and therefore it is the Key Highlight of the Photograph.

(III) Other Details:

Equipment Used: Canon 600 D with Canon 100mm Prime Macro L Series Lens.

Minimalism Type: Simple Geometry, with 3 key Simple Geometric Shapes, namely, Rectangle, Square and Lines

Hope you enjoyed the Shot. Have a Nice Day !

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