15 October, 2017

The Partial Chair

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

A partially visible White Chair placed in front of an open brown door at The Village area at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I had been out of my peak photography form and I had been wondering what was causing it?

Initially I thought either I am just stressed or I need to go to newer places to find subjects again. 

I had my Canon 100mm Macro Lens mounted on my Camera for 10 months in a row. 

And its only last week that I changed my lens to  50mm prime.

As soon as I changed my lens, I got the shot that I was looking for.

The problem was, that I had put on 1 lens (100mm) for way too long and that was costing me. 

- I must change my habit of keeping one lens on for 6 months or so.

  • I should rather alternate the lenses every 15 days or month.

With the 100mm Lens on, I was searching for subjects far away, looking for mostly the look-up style photographs. 

And because of that I stopped searching for subject right in front of my eyes or the near range. 

The switch back to 50mm lens will do two things:

a) Make me see/spot newer subjects at a closer range

b) And also help me "Reset my Vision" at the 100mm range, as I am taking a break from it. 

I hope you got my point :)

Lets get back to the Shot

This Photograph falls under the "Minimalism as Parts of the Whole" category of Minimalist Photography, as here I have only shown a part of the White Chair

Partially visibility engages the mind of the viewer. 

Also, the Pink table cloth on the bottom, is not accidental but included on purpose because it adds contrast to the primarily White and Brown color palette. 

Hope you enjoyed the shot !

Comments and Feedback welcomed.

Have a Nice Day !

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