06 September, 2017

Red Walls Blue Sky

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Simple Minimal Photo of Red Walls against the Blue Sky, Shot via Canon 600D and Canon 100mm Prime Macro F 2.8 L Series Lens.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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  • Theme: Minimalism and Architecture

  • Minimalism Type:  Simple Geometry

  • Subject: Overlapping Red Walls

  • Style: Looking Up (from the side)

  • Geometric Elements: Lines

  • Supporting Elements: 


    a) Blue Sky


    b) Shadows


    c) Lines

  • Color Tones: Red and Blue

  • Camera Used: Canon 600D

  • Lens Used: Canon 100mm Prime Macro F 2.8 L Series Lens

  • Location: Ravindra Manch Jaipur. (India)

Hope you enjoyed the shot.

Do let me know if you like these bullets style photo highlights, rather than long paragraphs. 

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