01 June, 2017

Unlatched Door

Minimalism as Less Elements

Unlatched Yellow Door adjacent to Green and Pink Wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Hello and Welcome to my New Blog Post :)

Last Sunday was quite hot. About 45 Degrees. That's how hot it is in India in May.

I took this photograph roughly at about 4.30 pm and the temperature was 42 Degrees then. I was on my bike as usual roaming around taking random turns, entering different streets every-time. That is how I hunt my shots.

This was my first shot that day. After this I took about 10 more shots but I was done for the day. I got dehydrated due to the maddening heat and got a headache as well. I was hoping for a longer time out, but well, one should not complain. There is always another day to look forward to for great photos.

OK, now lets have a look at the Composition of the Photo

The photo above of the Unlatched Door, falls under the Minimalism Category of Less Elements. I want to make one thing clear here, that there should be no confusion regarding the Minimalism Categorization here.

No, This photo does not fit under the Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors Category, because its pretty evident that the Open Latch is my primary subject and that's what I want to show to the viewer first. 

The green and pink bars are added just to support the main subject. They add variety as the viewers eye travels from the left of the frame to right, after having a good look at the latch. 

So, that explains it. Hope you like the photograph. 

Feedback is welcomed.

Thank you for your time today. 

See you !


  1. Very nice image Prakash. My eye moves from the latch (like you explained). Then I follow the tiny line fractures and the shadow like marks to the right. That vertical line splitting the aqua color bar in two with a hole on each side creates a little tension, I think, and it brings me firmly back to the center, and to the mysterious latch again. So much to see here. Be careful in that heat, it sounds brutal.