08 June, 2017

The Missing Leaves

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Black and White Minimalist Photo of the Stem of a plant with Misssing Leaves.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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My posting schedule seems to be as random as the shape of the clouds in the sky. I believe those who have subscribed to my blog posts via e-mail must be getting my mails when they don't expect and vice-versa. 

Never mind, since I am yet not full-time into photography, my posting schedule is going to be the same. 

So you must be wondering what made me post today, If you were not wondering, still no problem I'd still tell you ;)

I open my laptop less often these days. I just came here today to randomly check my mails and some other social profiles. Usually I am glued to my phone for the same. So, today was different.

Since I was getting bored I got my ear phones on and started listening to a latest Bollywood romantic song "Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga" (in english "I'd still love you",) from the new Bollywood movie Half-Girlfriend. 

While I was doing that, I thought why not open my Minimalist Photography Folder and check the edited pictures in it. The above photograph has been edited about 4 months back but I had still not posted it.

Something stopped me every-time I tried to post.  While I began writing this post, I observed the Photograph carefully and then I realized it actually relates to the song I am listening to. 

So, my sub-conscious mind made me select this photograph by correlating the words of the song to it. The song's lyrics are "I'd still love you" the rest of the assumption in general is "no matter what"... So, "I'd still love you, no matter what".

If we consider the stem of the plant with leaves, as a person who was in love but got heart-broken. The same is represented here by both The Missing Leaves and the Lack of Color in the Photograph ie. it being Black and White. 

And for a moment it appeared to me that this person is singing this song "I'd still love you, no matter what" (despite being broken, despite The Missing Leaves.)

You might think I am crazy but for me this is the plus side of being a Minimalist Photographer. My sense of observation has increased a lot and I am able to now co-relate things. 

Anyways, lets take a look at the Composition:

The Composition is quite Simple. Just place the subject in the right, and leave some empty space. That is all. But wait, this is Gray. Gray is challenging to edit. Make sure to adjust the Highlights and Contrast in the right proportion. This took me a very long time to edit, just to get the gray right. 

The Photo, as most of my Minimalist Photos, Falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category of Minimalist Photography

I found the leaves lying on a plastic chair near a road side kiosk, that sells bangles near Jantar Mantar, Jaipur.

The Lens that I used was the Canon, 100 mm prime macro lens.

Thank you for reading this till the end. 

Have a Nice Day !