26 April, 2017

Colorful Squares

Minimalism as in Repeating Shapes

 A Minimalist Picture of Colorful Squares in Repetition and a Small Flying Bird in the Bottom Right Corner.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This photo was taken on Sunday 23.04.2017. I quoted the date because I had been going out in the hunt for Minimalist Photos from the past 5 Sundays and I found a few Minimalist Shots only Last Sunday i.e the 23rd of April 2017. This never happened with me before, in the 4 years of Photography career. For 4 Sundays in a row, I dint find anything worthwhile. I spent 1 hour roaming around on my bike every single time, only to return empty handed. 

If I do some Number Crunching or some Numerology sort of Calculation, the only logic that comes to my mind is this. If I add up all the numbers in the date 23.04.2017  the total comes to Number 19 or 2+3+4+2+1+7 = 19 And guess what, 19 is my birth number, I was born on 19th June. Aha. Well I can only wonder what just happened. 

Anyways lets get back to the Photo :)

I went to a new Place this Sunday. Its a place where there are a few Shopping Malls very close to each other. Its called Gaurav Towers or GT in short. I found nothing around to main complex, but right behind it I found this beautiful textured wall with Colorful Squares in Repetition. 

This is a Lookup Minimal Shot, as I was looking up and pointing my camera at the Subject. The Lens I used was the 100mm prime Macro Lens by Canon. I had to crop this photo from the top and the bottom as well to balance the aesthetics. In the photo above, you can see 8 Squares. 4 Red ones and 4 Yellow ones. Actually, there were many more of them but to de-clutter the shot, I chose this Set of 8 and moved closer to the subject, till they fitted nicely till the side edges of the frame. 

Also note the Small little flying bird on the Bottom right Corner. I posted this Photo under the Minimalism as in Repeating Shapes category of Minimalist Photography because the Squares are in repetition.

You can also Post this under Minimalism as in Small Objects, claiming that the Flying bird on the bottom right as your main subject, if that you did intentionally. 

But wait, don't wonder and say that it is impossible to time the bird. It is possible, as usually you would find a lot of birds sitting on high rise buildings with these box or square kind of openings in them. To get a bird in your frame, you can simply compose your frame, press half shutter button and take your eyes off the camera and look directly at the movement of the birds. The moment you see one of the birds fly across, press the shutter down completely. And there you have it.

Today, I dint expect to write such a long post, but I hope you liked the long explanation. :)

Thank you for your time here.  

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