08 April, 2017

Dark Violet Green And Blues

Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors

 A Minimalist Picture of Colorful walls of a Kids School with Dark Violet, Green and Blue Wall Paint Colors
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Dark Violet Green And Blues, is a shot that comes from the same building, where I shot Colorful Rectangles

As I had mentioned in that post, that I would soon be sharing a Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors Shot, so here it is. 

In Colorful Rectangles, there was one color too many to categorize that photo in Few Colors Category, but here the setup is ideal with just 3 main colors. 

Therefore this Minimalist Photo falls nicely under the Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors Category of Minimalism

Other noteworthy elements of the photo that make it Minimal and more Balanced Composition-wise are:

- Simple Geometric Shapes i.e mostly lines and partitions

- Measured Alignment

- Lots of Empty Space

- Rule of Thirds i.e the Blue partition at the bottom

- Subtle Textures that uplift the artistic aspect

- Minimal Editing

- Visual Clarity / Non-complexity

Alright, that's pretty much about the photograph.

See you, next post.

One Last Thing: You can also buy this Photograph for your Kids Room or if this Color Palette matches your house paint or Brand Logo. 

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