07 January, 2017

Blooming Plant

Minimalism as Less Elements

 Minimalist Image of a Green Blooming plant growing just along the side of a brick pattern wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Minimalism and Nature is a beautiful Minimalist Photography theme. The more you click such photographs, the better you feel.

Nature Heals !

Hope this year, I will cover more Nature Photographs. I do plan to buy a Canon Macro Lens, and that I am sure would help me in achieving this :)

So What made me click This Blooming Plant Minimalist Photo this particular way?

The slight curved lean of the green plant on the white wall crossed my eye and I stopped right near it. 

Now, the question was, whether to take a vertical shot with just the plant and the white wall, highlighting the curve keeping the photo strictly Minimalist? OR to experiment a little?

I decided to experiment a little. 

Right next to the plant you see this rough brick pattered wall. I initially thought of taking that as a separate Minimalist Shot, but then, I improvised and merged the two Shots that had crossed my mind. 

The result is the above Minimalist Photograph of the Blooming Plant.

The plant was kept to the left of the frame in the corner, following the "Rule of Thirds". The bricks were kept to the right. 

Note, how the empty plain white wall acts as an opposite, to the fully covered rough brick wall. 

That, also added to the Art Element and Aesthetics of the Photograph.

As for the Minimalism classification, The photograph falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements Category of Minimalist Photography. The only elements being a) The Blooming Plant and b) The Brick Patterned Wall

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Stay tuned for more. :)