27 January, 2017

7 Macro Minimalist Photos featuring Water Droplets

Minimalist Photo: 1

A Minimalist Photo of Water Droplet on the Verge of falling down from a Brown Palm Leaf
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Minimalist Photo: 2

Minimalist Photo of Single Water Droplet on Tiny Plant Leaf
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Minimalist Photo: 3

Minimalist Photo of Water Droplet on Pink And Green Background
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Minimalist Photo: 4

A Minimalist Photo of Sole Water Droplet On Rose Plant Leaf
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Minimalist Photo: 5

A Minimalist Photo of Water Droplet Falling Down From Rose Plant Leaf
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Minimalist Photo: 6

A Minimalist Photo of Multiple Water Droplets On Brown Palm Leaves
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Minimalist Photo: 7

A Minimalist Photo of Four Water Droplets On Metal Pipe
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PS: All 7 Macro Minimalist Water Droplets Photos below fall under the Minimalism as Less Elements category of Minimalist Photography. 

All Photographs have been captured using the Canon 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro Lens

Lets Begin:

As promised earlier, I am here with my Minimalism and Nature Series. I have decided to include 7 Photographs. Seven are not too many nor too little, rather just about right. :)

I had also mentioned, that I shall be upgrading my Camera Kit which was long overdue. 

So Finally, yesterday I got my New Canon 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro Lens

Today, being India's 68th Republic Day, was a half day working for me. I came home very early and had some time to spare. Soon, it started to rain heavily and Therefore I thought why not Mix Minimalist Photography and Nature as a theme with Macro Photography.

Well, "I Have a Thing for Water Droplets" to be frank. So I chose that as my very first Macro Subject. Some people like shooting insects/bugs etc with Macro Lenses but that's Not my Cup of Earl grey Tea.

I shot for about 2 hours. A lot of time was spent looking for these tiny water droplets and even more on adjusting the Focus. Most shots were taken on Manual Focus. Although Canon 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro Lens comes with Hybrid Image Stabilization but that does not give you accurate results always. If you use a tripod then you will sail through the focus problem easily. As for me, I am just a lazy bum. I shoot handheld. Infact, a friend called me during my shoot and I was even clicking Macro by gripping the Camera with just one hand. Of course, that did NOT help. 

Anyways I hope you like the above Minimalist Photographs. These are just my first few Macro Minimalist Shots and I hope to publish better one in the coming days.

See you Soon !

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