27 January, 2015

Blue Lagoon Recipe

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of Green Leaf against a blue backdrop
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I was there at Diggi Palace to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 and while I was standing near the Google Tent listening to some internet discussions, I spotted the slanting rays of the sun falling on this beautiful green leaf illuminating it completely. I was very disappointed with my first few shots as behind the leaf there was a black backdrop. I thought I'd rather look for something else. Then to my right at about a height of 20 feet, I spotted a 1 feet broad area covered with blue cloth. I thought why not have that sky high blue as a backdrop for this green leaf. The regular blue sky wasn't available as it was partly cloudy. So, I went down on my knees to my left behind the leaf and had my camera pointed at roughly 45 degrees towards that sky high blue area.

I used a lower f-stop number to blur the background and took the shot. Of course my knees got dirty but when I reviewed the shot on my LCD screen I knew I had my Blue Lagoon Cocktail ready, garnished with some fresh mint leaves.