14 January, 2015

Option A versus B

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

Tyres of two bicycles used as a subject for minimalist photography.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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At times when we are faced with a problem, we find that there are two options or solutions for it. We get confused, whether to opt for option A or go in for option B. I call the easier option, option A i.e the bicycle on the left. Easy, because the Arc created by it is small. The Arc on the right hand side is option B i.e the long difficult path. Difficult, as there is rust on the carrier. Generally the tougher path is more rewarding but we tend to mostly choose the easier path and blame our misfortunes on destiny. If only we could be more brave in everyday life...

To compose, I clipped both the bicycles, to create the interesting Parts of the Whole Minimalism  mystery that instantly spurs up viewer's imagination. I had to increase the ISO quite a bit as this was shot late evening. There are a few grains here but when you do fine art, they are all but OK. The intention here is to show the Arcs and lines of metal within the Tyre frames (simple geometry).

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