12 December, 2014

Tell you later Syndrome

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of Building under construction covered by a green cloth.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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While I was on my way back, from last Sunday's photo-walk, I spotted this under construction building to my right. I immediately stopped my scooter by the roadside and pulled out my camera from the bag and hung it around my neck. I was still wearing a helmet as I knew that I had to only take one quick shot and move away, as a lot of traffic was coming from behind. It wasn't easy to shoot as I had to keep one eye on the subject and the other on the rear view mirror. The green cloth that covers the building is used here as the primarily element.  Therefore, the photo falls under the Minimalism Category: Minimalism as Less Elements.

I have given it about 3/4th of the total space available in the frame to the green cloth. This is a special photo as it hints at something that has always puzzled me. And that is the "Tell you later Syndrome." As you can see above, one can only find out about the final look of the building, after the construction work is 100% complete, as till that time the building shall remain covered with cloth. The same happens when I ask some of my friends as to which job interview they went to? or what is the new project that they are working on? etc and generally their answer is "I will Tell you later". They try and hide their plans the same way, maybe due to lack to self-confidence or maybe due to superstition. Many of my friends have this habit and I am sure some of your friends or even you may have it. But the question is Why Hide? What is the point of hiding? Aren't friends meant to be the ones with whom we share without hesitation? Why do people think that if they reveal what they are planning to do before they pass the initial hurdles, that plan will fail?. They fail to realize that whether we talk about it openly or not, the outcome just wont change. There is no cause and effect relationship here.


  1. I am fascinated by your notionof minimalism in photography. I look forward to learning more.