04 December, 2014

Namaste Auntie

Minimalism as Less Elements 

A minimalist photo of a Rusted handle of a terrace entrance door
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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It is generally observed that people who are blessed with good looks lack maturity and those who are mature tend to lack good looks, of course there are exceptions. When you are young and smart in your early stage of life, you tend to make a lot of mistakes. And when maturity starts hitting you, you tend to lose your cosmetically perfect looks. It sounds more like a zero-sum game. As we can see above, the handle of the terrace entrance door has the courage and maturity to face the harsh sunlight only after losing his good looks to rust. He now comes across as a strong character. 

I found this shot on a visit to a friends place. I was climbing up the stairs to get access to the terrace and on my way up I met my friends mother, who was combing her daughter's hair. I greeted her with the regular "Namaste Auntie" greeting and then she moved to one side to make way for me. While I was about to reach the terrace I spotted this beautiful rusted door handle. I instantly told my friends mom "Thank you auntie for not getting this painted, you just made my day." and she started laughing. She probably thought I would have asked her as to why she did not get this painted. Well, I smiled back at her and calmly took the shot. I placed the handle on the left but kept room for the shadow. In such shots don't get confused by the shadow. Place the subject's shadow on the rule of thirds alignment rather than the actual subject to get the Minimalist Composition right.


  1. Nice shot. You have a true passion for your work and it's visible. :)