23 December, 2014

Shadows Speak

Minimalism as Less Elements 

A minimalist photo of Long Shadow of a light mounted on the wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Is there Art in shadows or are shadows Art? Well, both are true. Each shadows has a story. It speaks an unspoken narrative to the viewer. What the narrative or the story is?,  depends on what he/she has been through, in their life. I have given you a lot of interpretations on long shadows before, for example I have related it to Intrinsic Value. But, this time around I want to know your interpretations, your story? Please mention that in the comments.

To compose, I shot this from a distance as the wall belonged to a complex, that was covered by a large fence. The window could have been avoided but it has been included on purpose, as it makes the viewer guess the rest of the structure. ("parts-of-the-whole" Minimalism). I did title this as Minimalism as Less Elements as this is not the best example of Parts of the Whole Minimalism and has just two elements i.e The cropped window and the lamp.

Shooting Long shadows in black and white, is probably one of the best examples of Minimalist Photography. Such photos tend to be more appealing to the viewers. 

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