04 May, 2016

Omnipresent Geometry

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Minimalist Photo of Geometry spotted opposite Jharkhand Mahadev Temple, Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Opposite to the Jharkhand Mahadev Temple in Vaishali Nagar, there are a few bright colored houses. These houses are inhabited by the workers working in the temple. There is an area right opposite the front gate of the temple, where pigeons are fed. Usually, one would find at least 200-300 pigeons there. The visual arrangement that you see in the picture below, is right above that pigeon area. I visually connected the front wall, added the metal diagonal coming in from the right and placed the pink house in the background, along with its unfinished brick wall neighbor. It is a very tricky composition and I had to crop out a lot from the original photo. Like for example on the bottom right, there was face of a girl painted in black, that was a spoiler and hence I removed it. All that you now see in the frame with focus is Simple Geometry. It is everywhere. So many lines and simple geometric shapes. I also wanted to keep the colors to a minimum and I think the photo would even looked better without the vertical blue line, right under the metal diagonal coming in from the right. 

What do you think? Should the blue line be there?


  1. I like the blue line. I think it balances the warmer colors and provides a focal point.