15 May, 2016

Not Even a Stranger

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Minimalist Photo of Vertical Lines at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai 
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When you are on a journey for Art, you will mostly find a clear passage ahead(emptiness) of you, as shown in the photo above. It is hard to make your presence felt in this material world. If you are an artist and you choose to make a career in art, hardly anyone bothers. Everyone, wants you to be a part of the rat race they are running. The moment they spot you doing something different, they pull away. Although, some people do support art, but they are very few in numbers. You may find "Not even a stranger" in your journey in the early years. People may start to trickle in and offer support, once you start making some money via art. Otherwise, it is a lonely world out there. But my question is, Does art needs to be validated via money? Any why, despite it being such divine in nature, it is not supported by most people? 

Leave your views in the comments. I look forward to hearing them.

Back to the photo. The camera is in a vertical position and most lines are kept close to 90 degrees. This is something I always stress on and take care of. The horizontal lines may not follow a similar rule and be 180 degrees always. But they still somehow manage to look OK. But, the vertical ones must be 90 degrees(with room for exceptions of course). This is a Multi-layer shot, taken at a high aperture. Always try and avoid shorter depth of fields in Minimalist Photos, as a fully sharp shot enhances the visual appeal in a much better way, and look more relate-able. Sometimes, shorter depth of field photos also work especially if the elements are kept to a minimum, in macro photography.

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