03 November, 2017

Two Squares On A Red Wall

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Blog post on a Minimal Art Photograph of Two Squares on a Red Wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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The Above Photograph of Two Squares On A Red Wall, Falls under the Minimalism Category Simple Geometry 

The Basic Geometric Shape being Squares.

The shot was taken at SMS Stadium, Jaipur, with Canon 600D mounted with the Canon 100mm L Series Prime Macro Lens

The shot has been taken from a good distance and is a LookUp Minimal Shot. 

The Red Wall and the Basic Shape was my point of attraction.

Sometimes in Minimalism, the Photograph is way too simple, and the photographer asks himself, should I even click that? and so he nearly avoids taking the Photograph...

Although, this did not happen with me while taking the Photograph, but I confess, this Photograph was lying in my Folder for a good 3 months and I was undecided whether I should upload this on my blog or not?

For this is way too simple !!!

But then, I reminded myself, Minimalism is all about Simplicity, how can I forget that?

And this is Core Minimalism. 

Therefore I posted this today.

Hope you liked it :)

Have a Good Day !

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