25 August, 2017

The Rusted Curl Colored Version

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalistic Photograph of Curved Rusted Metal shot via Canon 600D DSLR Camera.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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The Above Minimalist Photograph The Rusted Curl Colored Version is actually the Colored Version of an earlier posted Black and White Minimalist Photograph titled The Rusted Curl.

I wouldn't talk much about it as the composition is fairly simple and I have talked a little about already in the earlier Black and White post The Rusted Curl.

Also please excuse me for my writing style in that earlier post. I was new to blogging back then. That post was made in 2014..... it was a very "long time back''

I have learned blogging over the years, and my writing style is OK now. 


Also do let me know:


(A) If you too like Rust?

 (B) and which of the two versions of the Photograph did you like? Black and White OR Colored?

Thank you !

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