29 March, 2017

Colorful Rectangles

Minimalism as Simple Geometry


Minimalism using Colorful Rectangles Painted on the Walls of a Kindergarten School as a Subject.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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What we have here is a Lookup Minimal Shot of Colorful Rectangles

This is a colorful building of a Kindergarten School I spotted in Bani Park, Jaipur. This is probably one of the best Kindergarten Schools in terms of its exterior wall paint, design and aesthetics. I took about 7-8 shots of this place. More of which I shall post in my future updates. 

Remember: for a Minimalist Photographer, a Kindergarten School is a Great Great Subject. Go find them !


- More On the Minimalist Composition

I actually stopped by this school, to shoot "Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors", but here there are way too many colors to classify this image under that category. This is a bit Maximal.

So this one goes under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry Category , because of the symmetry and geometrical alignment in the composition and the sheer presence of Simple Geometric Shapes.

The Simple Geometry being:

a) Lines

b) Colorful Rectangles.

Hope you enjoyed the shot. I am eager to post the other shots I have from this outing. 

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