17 February, 2017

Reflection of Glass Door Handle in Mirror

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of the Reflection of Glass Door Handle in Mirror
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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One thing that I have learned over the past few years in photography, is that the photograph that you take/make does not need to be 100% technically correct to be a good photograph. If the composition supersedes the technical error, the photo is still considered good. 

Composition wins hands down over technicality.

I remember, one day when I was talking to Vera, one of my biggest Art Buyer who has purchased over 30 of my Minimalist Photographs, mentioned to me that, old black and white technically incorrect street photographs, sell at huge prices at auctions. She further added, "as a photographer you may put more emphasis on the photo being technically correct, but the buyer lays more emphasis on the composition and the overall appeal of the photograph. What story it has to tell, what mood or feel it takes you to and likewise".

While I was editing this Minimalist Photograph, I recalled what she had mentioned. If you carefully see, the Blue metal door handle is not fully sharp on a closer look, whereas its reflection in the mirror is fully sharp. If one looks at the picture from a normal thumbnail point of view, the photo looks fine. But on full zoom the technical shortcoming is visible. 

So, I initially though I would rather not post this photograph. But then, I told myself, wait what I want to communicate here is far more important. 

I wanted to show how the Reflection of Glass Door Handle in Mirror helped in forming an Abstract Heart-like shape. And that is pretty evident here, that that;s the main highlight of the photograph. Therefore, I changed my mind and posted this.

Back to the Composition: It's Minimalism as Less Elements. The main element just being the Abstract Heart-Shape.

The photo was taken during the Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 organized at Diggi Palace Jaipur.

Lens used: Canon 50mm F/1.4 prime lens

Camera Mode: Full Manual

Lens Focus Mode: Auto Focus

Camera Focus Mode: Manual - Center Point Focus was selected as that is the only "Cross-type" focus point in my Camera (Canon 600D). I first locked the focus and then recomposed the shot to apply Rule of Thirds to get the Negative Space on the right. 

Hope you liked this little effort of mine to explain my intentions behind the shot.


  1. I completely subscribe to your view that composition rules more than other technical aspects. If your composition is great other shortcomings can still be compensation. If your picture is sharp with good exposure but it doesn't say something, it's a meaningless capture. In the end, the picture needs to convey something and it has to be aesthetically pleasing.It cannot be pointless click. It can convey the scene or photographers thought or point of view. What;s your opinion?