14 September, 2016

Tapering In

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist Photo of architectural line formation tapering towards the end on a textured pink Indian Wall Near Govind Devji Temple Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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A Minimalist Photo of Architectural lines formation tapering towards the end, on a Textured Pink Indian Wall Near Govind Devji Temple Jaipur.

Seasons Greetings to all :)

It has been a while since I last updated the blog. To be frank, I was on a break. Now, I feel better, both physically and mentally. While on the break, I spent most of my time meeting my friends and talking to them about spiritualism and philosophy. But, lets keep that aside for the moment. I shall do a post later on those topics.

Well, what you see above, in the Minimalist Photograph is basically "Architectural Lines Tapering in" towards the end.

This place is near the Govind Devji temple, Jaipur. I had been to this place before in the past but this time I wanted to shoot something completely different. So, instead of taking the picture from the front or from a 45 degree side angle, I went really up close to the side of the wall this time. I was nearly touching it. This helped me to Taper the Two Big Lines in the frame.

The first one being, The Zigzag Line on the top, and the second one, created the beautiful  right angled triangle at the bottom. The extreme side angle view, helped me to make these lines converge and also to create a lot of depth in the frame.

The Classification:

The photo falls under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry category of Minimalist Photography. The Simple Geometry being "Just the intention to show lines in the frame".

Hope you enjoyed the shot. Have a great Evening / Night / Day :)

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