1) For Photography Competition Jury. (Online or Offline)

Below is the list of Online and Offline Photography competitions that I have Juried. I look forward to judge more Photography Competitions.

  • Jury Memeber for the Facebook Group "NEW COLOR" for "All genres of Photography".
  • Jury Memeber for the Facebook Group "ARTOPHO" for "Minimalism and Black and White Street Photography".
  • Photography Jury for State Level Photography Competition "Khushboo-e-Rajasthan".
  • Photography Jury for St. Xaviers, Jaipur Photography Competition "PARALLAX 2015".
  • Photography Jury for "Jaipur Art Festival Photography Competition 2014" held at Diggi Palace Jaipur. 
  • For @IgersJodhpur (Instagram) Photography competition.
  • For @PhotoJaanic (Instagram) Minimalist Photography competition. 
  • Permanent Photography Jury (and founder) for @LearnMinimalism (Instagram) - Daily Minimalist Photography competition page.

2) Arrange a Workshop on Minimalist Photography 

Arrange a workshop on Minimalist Photography in your city / for your community. Spreading Minimalist Photography Pan-India, is one of my goals.

3) Photo Mentor for Photo-walks

Arranging a Photo-walk in Jaipur or Elsewhere and Need Photo Mentors to guide the participants?

Been a Photo Mentor in the past, for various Photo-walks and Photography meets held in Jaipur. Open on joining similar events in my city or elsewhere.

Jantar Mantar Photowalk by Prakash Ghai
a Photo-walk conducted on Minimalist Photography

4) Get Visual Guidance

  • Photographers/Designers can take inputs on Visual Art, to balance their overall frame/design.
  • Bring along your previously shot photographs. Get them reviewed. Get tips on improving the composition.
  • Visual Assistance during Live Photoshoots
  • Designers can come along for a discussion on their future projects.

5) Enroll for a 3 hour 1 on 1 Photography grooming session.

- On-field Photowalk 
- Brief discussion on Photography Basics (technicals)
- Brief discussion on Composition
- Introduction to Minimalist Photography
- and of course a Cup of Coffee.

For Charges:

Send an E-mail to

(Prakash Ghai )

Mobile: +91-99281-10006

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