12 Quotes on Art by a Minimalist Photographer

1) "Your imperfections, is God's art."

2) "You never choose art, art chooses you." 

3) "Art exists, because the world is non-perfect."

4) "Every artist, is both a teacher and a student."

5) "Art heals, both the creator and the viewer."

6) "He who knows art, probably knows the truth."

7) "An Ideal Transaction: A pessimist creates an art, An optimist buys it."

8) "Art originates on its own at all those places, where the vibes need to be reset."

9) "Every piece of art is a message, from the sub-conscious to the sub-conscious."

10) "A great artist exploits bad moods, set-backs and misfortunes, and converts them into works of art."

11) "When nature wants you to do art, it makes sure that you fail in every venture, other than art."

12) "Artists are messengers. They are a medium via which the unknown forces of the world express themselves."

  • These 12 Minimalist Quotes on Art were written by me over a period of 2 years. © Prakash Ghai

Hope you like the quotes. Feel free to share them with appropriate credit.


  1. Lovely as always Prakash..
    Art is language which does not need translation & connects people across geographies without any langauge barrier ...just as a smile:)