Colorful Rectangles

Minimalism as Simple Geometry


Minimalism using Colorful Rectangles Painted on the Walls of a Kindergarten School as a Subject.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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What we have here is a Lookup Minimal Shot of Colorful Rectangles

This is a colorful building of a Kindergarten School I spotted in Bani Park, Jaipur. This is probably one of the best Kindergarten Schools in terms of its exterior wall paint, design and aesthetics. I took about 7-8 shots of this place. More of which I shall post in my future updates. 

Remember: for a Minimalist Photographer, a Kindergarten School is a Great Great Subject. Go find them !


- More On the Minimalist Composition

I actually stopped by this school, to shoot "Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors", but here there are way too many colors to classify this image under that category. This is a bit Maximal.

So this one goes under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry Category , because of the symmetry and geometrical alignment in the composition and the sheer presence of Simple Geometric Shapes.

The Simple Geometry being:

a) Lines

b) Colorful Rectangles.

Hope you enjoyed the shot. I am eager to post the other shots I have from this outing. 

See you next time. !

Reflection of Electricity Tower on Glass Building

Minimalism as Less Elements

Reflection of Electricity Tower on Glass Building used as a Minimalist Photography Subject
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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The above Photo Falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements Category. The Picture a little Maximal, as the coverage area of the Reflection of the Electricity Tower on Glass Building, is quite large. But, Still the elements in the Photo are just three. Namely:-

1) The Glass Building
2) The Reflection of the Electricity Tower
3) The Street Lamp on the Left.

and therefore the Photo is Minimalist :)

Another take on The Photo is, that it is more of Minimalist Visual Art Play, than just being a Simplistically Minimal Photograph. I hope you get what I am trying to say. 

I found this subject on a Red Light Crossing. I was on my bike Crossing it and The Big Reflection of the Electricity Tower, made me stop right after the crossing. 

Yes, a Lot of people started staring at me, as the street was a busy one. Some people even started calling me, to come take a photo of something that they think I could publish in the newspaper. They all consider me a Media Reporter, for the way I look with my rimless specs. And also because of The Big Big Long 100mm Canon Prime Lens, that I took this shot with. 

I have made it a rule now, that no matter who calls me, I will ignore all the voices. Its just a waste of time and it creates an immediate disconnect with my sub-conscious mind that generally takes over, when I shoot Minimalist Photos

I would advise you as well, to not to get into any kind of chatter with people on the street while shooting. I have had incidents, therefore I am suggesting you this. 

Well, with that little advice, I would like to close this post. 

Hope you enjoyed my find. :)

See you, next shot. 

The Hollow Square

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist Photo of a Hollow Square on a Textured Brown Indian Wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I have a fascination for Squares and they are my favorite Minimalism Subject. Whenever I find them, I shoot them, no matter what. :)

The Hollow Square that you see above, is from a fest that I went to. This is a wall just outside the main building. They were doing some last minute touch-ups before the fest. I was lucky enough to visit the place just 2 days before the inauguration, otherwise this wall would have been a multi-colored one. 

If you notice, I did not edit the photograph that much. I kept it a little Dull and Flat on purpose, as that is what I wanted to communicate here. 

Dull and Flat is sometimes the Mood that I am into, when I sit down and think about Life. 

Only yesterday, I had posted a status on my Facebook Timeline,  "Life is a square, with unequal sides." 
Haha, well that is about Life, but the Square above has equal sides. 

Maybe, those equal sides is what I am searching for in my life. 

With that honest thought, lets take a quick look at the Minimalism Classification

  • The photo falls under Minimalism as Simple Geometry Category of Minimalism.

  • The basic geometry shape obviously being the Square.

  • The Texture on the wall, pulls up dramatically the aesthetics of the Photograph.

  • Also note, that the color palette is monochromatic, i.e. just the browns. 

All in all, great ingredients for a Simple Minimalist Photograph !