The Hollow Square

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist Photo of a Hollow Square on a Textured Brown Indian Wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I have a fascination for Squares and they are my favorite Minimalism Subject. Whenever I find them, I shoot them, no matter what. :)

The Hollow Square that you see above, is from a fest that I went to. This is a wall just outside the main building. They were doing some last minute touch-ups before the fest. I was lucky enough to visit the place just 2 days before the inauguration, otherwise this wall would have been a multi-colored one. 

If you notice, I did not edit the photograph that much. I kept it a little Dull and Flat on purpose, as that is what I wanted to communicate here. 

Dull and Flat is sometimes the Mood that I am into, when I sit down and think about Life. 

Only yesterday, I had posted a status on my Facebook Timeline,  "Life is a square, with unequal sides." 
Haha, well that is about Life, but the Square above has equal sides. 

Maybe, those equal sides is what I am searching for in my life. 

With that honest thought, lets take a quick look at the Minimalism Classification

  • The photo falls under Minimalism as Simple Geometry Category of Minimalism.

  • The basic geometry shape obviously being the Square.

  • The Texture on the wall, pulls up dramatically the aesthetics of the Photograph.

  • Also note, that the color palette is monochromatic, i.e. just the browns. 

All in all, great ingredients for a Simple Minimalist Photograph !

Two Entangled Dry White Twigs

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Macro Minimalist Picture of Two Entangled Dry White Twigs.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Two Entangled Dry White Twigs. Well that's some title. Took me a long time to think that. Why? because 'Simplicity is obvious, but because there is so much clutter around us, we fail to spot it".

This is Macro Minimalism / Macro Photography and of course the theme here is "Nature".

I generally don't shoot such subjects, but since I have my New Canon 100mm Macro Lens with me now, I am exploring Macro Nature as a Minimalism Subject. To be frank, I am enjoying it. 

Good Lenses and Camera Power does help. I am planning to buy the upcoming Canon 6D Mark II full-frame Camera in the next couple of months. It's yet to be announced by the way ;)

OK, so lets get to the Composition Highlights now.

This is Minimalism as in Less Elements. The only Elements here being,

a) The Two Entangled Dry White Twigs and 

b) The Smooth Creamy Bokeh Background. 

I actually found this at Smriti Van (forest) in Jaipur. I was there for an Instagram Meet. This Twig pair was spotted at the Centerpiece Decoration of the Yoga Garden at Smriti Van, which had a lot of creeper plants on it.

I was having a discussion with my friend and was telling him how eager I was to spot and shoot a Spider Web. I initially spotted a few Strands of the Spiders Web but I wasn't happy with that. 

When I looked around the entire Centerpiece Decoration, I actually failed to spot any worthwhile Spider Webs. With a sad, dull mood, I decided to make these Two Entangled Dry White Twigs as my stop-gap subject. 

I clicked this very casually and took just 2 shots. Later, I discarded one of it, but kept this one.

I did one mistake here, which I later corrected in post processing/editing. It is very difficult to get sharp focus in handheld Macro Shots. And my Camera provides only 1 Cross-Point Focus option. That is the Center Focus Point, out of the 9 in total available in the view-finder to focus.

So, to get this sharp, I used that center focus point and clicked this image. But, I ended up center-placing my subject and that was looking awful, just awful. 

I did not use the other focus points as they would not have given me this clear and sharp picture. Also, I did not Compose-Recompose by physically moving the camera after locking focus, to get the rule of thirds right, because in Macro Lenses, you tend to lose focus with the slightest of movement. 

Therefore, I simply cropped the Image from the left and Bang ! Rule of thirds was applied :)

OK, that a long chatter.

Hope you liked my effort. Stay tuned for more.


Prakash Ghai 

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The Missing Window Pane

Minimalism as in Repeating Shapes

A Minimalist Photo of Window Panes in Repetition with one of them Gone Missing.
Photo  By © Prakash Ghai
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Though I have titled this photo as The Missing Window Pane, I also have another interpretation of it.

I looked for a meaning for this photograph within my Sub-conscious mind. When I did, I realized this relates to my real life story. 

I had a girl friend back in 2003, with whom I were to get married. But since she was elder to me by a couple of years and was already working, things did not work out the way I had thought. Her parents wanted her to get married asap but I had plan to fly to Bangalore for my MBA Degree. 

I was left with a tough choice, whether to fly to Bangalore for higher education or Simply Marry her. I chose to get a Degree, based on the assumption that its true love and she would happily wait. 

But, since I moved to a far off location from my city, our relationship turned into a long distance one. 

Soon, there were misunderstandings and many a times I flew back home to clarify. But one day it all ended abruptly. We had a big misunderstanding, which I could not sort out. Along with that, her ego got hurt. I kept asking her to give me One Last Chance to Clarify and Explain, but She refused. 

The Missing Window Pane above is that Missing Last Chance, she never gave me. If she had, life would have been different.  

That said, I would like to thank her as well, as This art i.e. Minimalist Photography, that I do today, is because of her.

OK, Long emotional story ! NO 

I have long forgotten her for good :) I have learned to move-on. 

Move-on, just reminded me to move-on quickly to the Composition.

Composition Highlights 

The Shot above Falls under the Minimalism as in Repeating Shapes Category of Minimalist Photography. What made me click this shot, was the one Missing Window Pane

It broke the repetition very beautifully.

Also the Reflections in the window creates nice visual abstraction. It somewhat sparks a feeling of nostalgia. 

Another way to look at the picture is In Terms of Shapes. These are 4 Vertical Rectangles in Repetition.

The One Curve made my the Electrical Wire coming out from the 3rd Missing Window Pane, also breaks nicely the visual symmetry.

So, Those were the Photo Highlights. Hope that you enjoyed the Shot. 

See you around next time ! Comments and Feedback Welcomed !

PS: the way this photograph deserves a poem (well..more than a haiku).  If I was a poet, I would have written one.