This goal of this Blog along with "Learn Minimalism" Instagram Page, is to promote Minimalist Photography worldwide.

I founded "Learn Minimalism" 2.5 years ago on Instagram, as a Minimalist Photography competition page. It is an active  community of about 15,000+ followers, and a few thousand actively participating photographers.

Photographers from across the globe, submit their photos for a possible feature, using the Hashtag #LearnMinimalism.

I curate them feature the deserving ones on a regular basis. 

There is a lot of mis-information about Minimalist Photography, I promptly reply the queries of the Photographers about Minimalist Photography that I receive. on Learn Minimalism and resolve them and if need, redirect to the articles here like:

a) What is Minimalist Photography
b) Types of Minimalism in Photography 

The photos featured on the page, also acts as Visual tutorials. 

If you like what I am doing for the Community and for the promotion of Minimalist Photography, consider Donating, 

so that I can use the money raised, to conduct Minimalist Photography Workshops and Photo-walks in the city and across India.

You can send your contributions using one of the following options:

(1) PayPal (global)

(a) Direct Link

(b) PayPal Address:

(2) PayTM (India specific)

PayTm Donation

(a) Simply Scan the Code above with your PayTM App

(b) Pay to PayTM mobile number +91-99281-10006

Thank You !

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