Behind the Curve

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of Arcs of an heritage hotel in Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Art, which takes you behind the curve or behind the current times, is far more effective than the one that gives you a glimpse of the future. Of course, this is a personal opinion. But the chances of art that reminds you of the past being successful are far more simply because it is based on something concrete, that which has happened for real in the earlier times. When we talk of future, it is all hope, dreams and imagination. Take the example above.

The photo depicts a style of architectural design that was very popular say about 100  years ago in Jaipur. If this photo was of the walls of a modern business complex with some multicolored plastic sheets etc, it would give us an entirely different feel. The photo would not have been as impressive.

Coming back to the composition, I was on my scooter chasing the rays of the sun. I generally turn in all those lanes where I see sunlight enter. Then I spot what kind of patterns are being made by the combination of lights and shadows. I spotted this at about twenty feet high to my left while I was shooting an extended shadow of a long pipe to my right fully zoomed-in on a busy lane. This wall belongs to an old heritage hotel. I shot this vertically to avoid the distracting elements and it was very tempting to crop out the wire on top of the frame during photo editing. But, since it subtly goes in the opposite direction i.e upwards rather than the strong downward movement of the two main arcs in the photo, I kept it, as it added a bit of contrast.