22 January, 2015

Keep Left

Minimalism as Simple Geometry 

Maximally Minimal

A minimalist photo of A Staircase at Amber Fort, Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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When in a photograph you have simple geometry spread over the entire frame, then it becomes a maximally Minimalist photo. The element is one i.e the geometry. This is an advanced form of Minimalism and is initially not understood well. Don't worry, practice will get you there. Now, coming to the Title, you must be wondering why have I kept it "Keep Left". I have used it to engage your mind & make it interact with the photo. If you carefully observe the shot, the stairs first go up and then they lead to a left turn. The purpose of the photo is to make you feel like climbing up the stairs in your mind and take that mysterious left turn to find out what it leads to. That is precisely what Fine Art Minimalist photography's purpose is. To engage the mind and make it interact with the photo.  I have shot this vertically and placed the beginning of the staircase on bottom left and took it all the way up to nearly top right. Unwanted arcs on the right hand side were cropped and I have made sure that vertical lines stay as close to 90 degrees and the horizontal ones as close as possible to 180 degrees.